"Living Well Is The Best Revenge"
                                                       Spacious fully furnished bedroom suite for rent.

 TLA rates available.Landstuhl/Ramstein AFB 
                                                                      "Our Military Family, Is Family"  
                                                                    "When You're Here, You're Home" 
E-mail: book@ramsteinbandb.com  1(801) 415-9161 
                                                                 Fresh terrycloth robe provided.
                               Alcohol and smoke free environment.    
All utilities, DSL/wireless Internet included.  Mini fridge/freezer microwave.
                                                       Broadband phone line to the US in room. 
                                            Washer/dryer/diswasher in unit.
  Enclosed, custodial, storage space available.

           Ramstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_3.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpg
                                       Walking distance to gate 2/4/5/1 Emergency Dept. Entrance.
                                            Bofrost menu available. Chicken, beef, fish or traditional German fare. 
                                                            Hot evening meal included.
                                                                   Walking distance to everything.  

                                                                     Contribute to incarcerated US Veterans commissary accounts.

                                   Department of Corrections will accept donations and apply all USPS money orders, paid to the order of: 

                                                          " Any US Veteran" to the neediest of incarcerated inmates account.
                            Incarcerated Veterans throughout the Department of Corrections, with no friends or family, need your help.
                            Remember those who didn't forget you. Donations of 5- 200 USD monthly are accepted by any US DOC state or federal facility
                            and applied to the accounts of Veterans most in need. USPS Money Orders only.
Visit: www.probonoappeas.com
E-mail: book@kmctla.com


       30 day discount FIREWOOD in Ramstein

                                                                                          30 day discount FIREWOOD in Ramstein 30 day discount FIREWOOD in Ramstein       30 day discount FIREWOOD in Ramstein                                                                30 day discount FIREWOOD in Ramstein
                                                           Seasoned Firewood.  KMC delivery free. 
                                                                   225 euro. 24hr notice required.
                                                                           Cell: 017636902611
                             Cut, split, and delivered firewood, anywhere in the Landstuhl/Ramstein/KMC.
                             Only 225 Euro per Ford F250 truck bed full.
                             Approx 3/4 to a full  cord, by US standards. 
                             Depicted is a Ford F250 with a load of our firewood prepared for delivery.
                             We only use hardwood trees. All wood is seasoned, dry, and ready for use. 
                             All firewood is seasoned oak, or beech hardwood, which burns very hot. 

                                                                        Place your order early.
                       E-mail: schneider.jacob42@yahoo.com
                       Cell: 017636902611
                       Call anytime.       
                                                PCS Cleaning In the Landstuhl/Ramstein KMC.

        Through PCS cleaning, bi-monthly, weekly maintenance, at reasonable rates, in the KMC and beyond.
         Efficient time management skills. Cleaning supplies provided.
         Sixty five euro per 2.5 hr weekly household maintenance upkeep.
         Laundry, light cooking, grocery shopping, provided at a slightly higher rate, outside the KMC.
         PCS/deep cleaning services, 450 euro. Experienced competent, timely, and through.

        Works independently or well with others. Seven-4 day advance booking required.
         One half of fee required at beginning of cleaning.
         Remaining balance due upon completion of cleaning.
         Local references provided. Carpet shampooing for 2 rooms included in rate.
         Additional carpet cleaning provided for an additional 15 euro per room.
         Call anytime.
         [0] 6371-130-662

          Targeted Individuals in the Landstuhl/Ramstein/KMC, are people who are illegally and covertly
           harassed, abused, gang-stalked and spied upon 24/7 by organized groups of persons.

        There are several reasons why people become targets and they usually
        have something to do with sex and money, in that order.
        The targeting may have to do with a messy divorce, child custody,
        unrequited love, whistle-blowing, revenge, differences in social, political, or religious beliefs, etc.

     Targeting for monetary reasons can include anything from denying you
     social security benefits or workmen's comp. to outright stealing from your bank account, 
     from sexual slavery to embezzlement, and so on.

       Targets should vehemently resist all attempts at being denied any and all kinds of government benefits.
       Appeal any bad decisions and if you don't like the next decision, appeal it again.

        Another claim being made and that is that people might be being targeted
        for experimental reasons by the military or security agencies, usually, to test out how
        certain mind-control techniques and weapons work, which goes back to money or sexual slavery.

         The main purpose of the assaults is to discredit and control targets. Harassment and abuse
          is often set up by corporations, businesses, organized criminals, street gangs,
          right-wing extremists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, or anyone who stands a
          chance of making any money off of targets.

     Targeted Individuals are often hit with gassing (blowing noxious bio/chemical
     fumes into the target's environment) and they are attacked psychologically, as well.
    These abuses often lead to the need for legal counsel, unscrupulous local legal networks, 
    corrupt city employees, and police.  That  may require psychological and physiological 
    medical attention,  thereby providing a good cash flow for the medical/ legal  
   community and for big pharma., while taking care of someone's personal problem at the same time.        
                                                                     Legal services for the military family in the KMC.
                                                  Full service legal boutique for active duty, family members, contract employees. 
                                                              Civil, criminal, administrative military action, assistance available. 
                                                                          In the Landstuhl/Ramstein/KMC or after duty hrs, call:

                                                                                             [0] 6371-130-662
          Gary Myers Esq. 
                           Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates
                                             Attorneys-At- Law
                                Phone (Toll Free): 800-355-1095
                                         (From the US only).
                                Phone (DC): 202-857-8465
                                Phone (NH): 603-529-3455
                                          Fax: 603-529-3009
                                                                                 Educational Opportunities

           Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said today they
           will team up to launch a $60 million initiative to offer free, online, college-level courses
           under a joint superbrand known as edX. See Georgetown University for details
           in their participation.

     Through this partnership we will not only make knowledge more available but we will learn more about learning,”
       Harvard President Drew Faust said this morning at a news conference at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge.
   “Anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world can have access.”   
       The first course work being offered was September 2012. 

       The MIT arm of edX plans to offer credentials -- not MIT diplomas, but “MITx”
       Certificates of Mastery for individual courses -- for a small fee that might vary depending on students’ means.

       The “HarvardX” side is not yet sure whether it will offer credentials or charge any fee for them.
       Its first courses will be free to ensure as wide an audience as possible, said Michael Smith,
       dean of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences: “It’s a research environment. 
       We want to be capturing as much information as we can.”


                                                             Affordable shared housing in the KMC.
                                                                               Long or short term. 
                                                Large furnished room for rent. Located in the Landstuhl, Atzel.
                             Landstuhl American MEDCEN, across the street. All utilities, DSL/WIFI included.
                                   Housing approved. Receipts provided. Butcherblock surfaces, microwave,
                      220/110 friendly. Shopette, shuttle, gym, food court, gas station, available to ID card holders.
                                                       RAB main gate 1.5 mile. Washer/dryer in unit. 
                                                              Genuine Vonage phone service to US.
                                                                  E-mail: book@landstuhlbandb.com
                             Voice Mail from the US:
                                       1(801) 415-1961

                                                      Service members/contractors welcome.                

          Ramstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_3.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpg     
                                           Safe, secure residential area of professionals. ID card holder discounts.
www. landstuhlbandb.com  
                                  Need good prices on flowers? B.B. Florist is here! in RamsteinNeed good prices on flowers? B.B. Florist is here! in RamsteinNeed good prices on flowers? B.B. Florist is here! in Ramstein
                                   For flower delivery in the KMC visit: www.landstuhlflowers.com 

                                   For 24 hour delivery anywhere in the KMC visit: www.landstuhlflowers.com 

                                         In the Washington DC metro area, visit: www.heroflowers.com    

                                                                          Turkish Grocery

                                                         For all your fresh produce and daily shopping needs
                                                                   in the Landstuhl Village visit:     
Turkische Spezialiaten Market
                                                                     Fresh food, bread, seasonal fruits, and vegetables 
                                                                     Hauptstr. 10 
66849 Landstuhl, Village
                                                                    Tel: [0]6371-499254
                                                                                                        10:00 Am-6:00 PM

                           Refurbished used household washers and dryers in the KMC.
                                             All Brands guaranteed. Price's start at 150 euro ea.
                                                               Frank's An & Verkauf
                                                                 Miesenbacherstr. 58
                                                            66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
                                                    (Next to "Waldgarten" and "Pancho Villa")

                                              Store Hours:
                                            Tu - Fr: 10am - 6pm 
                                       Mo & Sat: by arrangement

                                         Phone: 06371 943856
                                         Mobile: 0171 4731336
                         E-mail: franksanundverkauf@online.de                                                         

                                                                        Orthopadie Care in Landstuhl. Marcus Fisher
                                                                        Chiropractic services in the Landstuhl/Ramstein/KMC.
                                                                        Full service sports and traumatic injury care.
                                                             IV Fluids, electrolytes, pharmaceutical grade vitamins available.
                                                                             AM Alten Market 7 66849 Landstuhl
                                                                                    Above German Drug Store
                                                                                       Call for business hours.
                                                                                          Tel: [0] 6371-3011
                                                                                          Fax: [0] 6371-64162                                              
                                    For your next company function or family gathering
                         Click here: 30 Bratwürste for FREE | FREE!! for sale on Ramstein bookoo! 
                              Pick-up and delivery within the KMC available.
                              30 liter pils 58-euro
                              30 liter keg Hefeweizen, 66-euro. VAT Forms accepted.

                          Tel: 0176-284 63 720 Delivery and set-up within the KMC.

                                                           For the very best in hair care, visit: Friseur Am Alten Markt.
                                                            Full service salon for men and women.Tel: [0] 6371-16863
                                                                                    Ask for:  Heidi
                                                 Downtown Landstuhl.           
Gourmet Cream of Broccoli Soup
                         Best Cream Of Broccoli Soup RecipeBest Cream Of Broccoli Soup RecipeBest Cream Of Broccoli Soup RecipeBest Cream Of Broccoli Soup Recipe
                                                         Each 2 liter order serves 6. Two orders 35 euro.
                                                            Made fresh to order. Great for the freezer.
                                                                                       Two liters of fresh restaurant quality, hot cream of
                                                                                           broccoli soup, in sterilized containers. Serves 6. 
                                                                                           Fresh broccoli puree soup, made to order.
                                                                              Add a salad; bread, garnish with sour cream. 25 euro ea. 
                                                                                                    Two orders/35 euro.

Orders placed in the early AM, may be picked up after work. 
                                                Garlic, curry or jalapeno, flavored butter; Zitroni, or cola mix, 
                                                                                     included with each order.
                                                                                        Made to order, with fresh chicken/vegetable broth. 
                                                                        No flour, corn starch, or dairy products.
                                                                            Buy an extra order for the freezer.
Landstuhl, Atzel pick-up only.
[0] 6371-130-662
Call anytime.                                                         
                                                                In the KMC
                                               Broadband Phone Service To US.
             Calls to and from the US, from your cell phone, land line, skype, voip,
                                               or broadband number.

               Three numbers per account may be configured. Internet service not required.
               No set up, routers or hidden charges. State of the art broadband technology

Buy two months, and get the third month free.
Refer a friend who opens an account, and receive 2 mos free.
No contracts, credit checks, applications.
Payment accepted in USD at US banks only.
Worldwide networks, for deployments, TDY ect.
Toll free numbers from the US available.
95. USD month;ly.
        Sasha Grill Downtown Landstuhl Is Now, 
                                                                         Ali's Landstuhl Grill.
                                                                      Kaiserstr 34 Tel: [0] 6371-490-911                          

                                                For a delicious mid-day or evening snack within walking distance, 
                                                to LRMC try Ali's Landstuhl Grill in Downtown Landstuhl. Next to Lasertex.
                                                Pizza, Donor, kebabs, drinks, in a fresh healthful surroundings. 
                                                Only three blocks from Gate 1. ER.
                                                Dine in window, bistro table seating, or carry out available.

                                                         Ali's Landstuhl Grill. Downtown Landstuhl.
                                                          Great food. Friendly service. Americans welcome.
                                                      Walking distance from:
www.landstuhlbandb.com and gate 1.
Curbside seating. Student discounts. Luncheon & daily specials.

                                                     Seasoned oak firewood bundles, in the Landstuhl, Ramstein, KMC. 
                                                                            25 euro ea.     8 bundles/ 120 euro
                                                             Seasoned Oak Firewood Bundles In The KMC.
                                                             Five bundles for 65 euro. Eight bundles 120 euro.
                                                                 See posting at rys lawn and garden section.

                                                           Seasoned Oak, BBQ/Smoker Wood Chips.
                                                  Each order contains eight  3 X 9 in. seasoned oak logs
                                              and 2 lbs of  seasoned oak kindling pieces. 15 euro each.
                                                                Enough for 3 BBQ/Smoker products.

Seasoned Oak Firewood Bundles In The KMC
                                                              8 Bundles/120 euro.                            
                          Seasoned oak firewood bundles,  25 euro ea. Five  bundles 65 euro. 
                       Specially cut for most wood burning stoves, fire pits and corner fireplaces
Aprox. 21-24  5 X 9 peices in each bundle.  
                                            Seasoned a full 12 mos. Lot's of crackle and pop.
                               "I love a fire, to keep the house nice and toasty. 
much so, I designed and built a home with three fireplaces".                         

                                                                Thai hot stone body massage & flowers.

                                      18 Luidwigstr Landstuhl 66849
                                           Tel: [0] 6371-130-662
 After setteling in to your booking at:
www.landstuhlbandb.com relax with a 
 hot stone body massage, within walking distance, in downtown Landstuhl.


                             Organic Compost For Sale.
Adding organic matter to your garden will improve the structure,
water holding capacity, and aeration of soils containing too much clay
or too much sand. Compost is the most often recommended source of
organic material. It is easy to use, and contains a storehouse of nutrients.
Organically collected. Cotains potting soil, plant food, lawn and plant clippings.
All organic matter to help your garden grow.
                                        Our specility compost contains no:
  • No diseased vines from tomatoes and squashes as they may contaminate the pile.
  • No animal fats such as meat scraps, grease, or bones as they might attract unwelcome critters!
  •  Sweet, woodsy, and earthy scent, that will crumble through your fingers.
                                                                                All Organic Compost
                                                                                25 lb bag 20 euro.

    Click here: Usafe Driving Test, Usareur Drivers License, Usafe Drivers Test, Usareur Drivers Test 
    Covered, Enclosed, Vehicle/Personal Storage In The KMC  
                                 Don't let your vehicle rot into the pavement while you are deployed.           
          We offer personalized  care, custody  and a secure enviroment to store your vehicle.
                   Enclosed, covered, locked, storage garage; 150  euros monthly.  Safe, secure.
         Shared personal storage garage for excess luggage, ect. 75 euro monthly.                
                    Three  month/ 90 day minimum.  Advance  payment  required.                  
                    Personal service and care at all times. Safe, secure, enclosed storage.
                    Your vehicle/storage items are safe and secure upon arrival.
                     e-mail: ka@kaiserslauternamerican.info
                              Visit: www.kaiserslauternamerican.info 
                                                  Vehicle storage in the KMC.

    E-mail: ka@kaiserslauternamerican.info
    Vehicle storage in the KMC.

                                              Basic computer skills for adults.
                                      Internet access. E-mail correspondence.
                                    Financial crime. Fraudulent real estate schemes.
                                    Civic group public speaking in the KMC

                                                                track web traffic

                                      For fresh flower delivery, in the KMC,